Strategic plan

The purpose of this 2015-2020 strategic plan is to map out the strategic direction and activities which will enable the Authority to implement its mandate for the period of five (5) years. This plan not only provides direction and better positioning of the Authority but also a tool to drive growth as well as vibrancy in the retirement’s benefits sector in Uganda. The process of developing this strategic plan was participatory, involving consultations with URBRA’s Board of directors, management and staff.

 A sector analysis and a scan of URBRA’s operating environment was carried out focusing both on the internal and external environment. The analyses resulted in the identification of the internal and external strengths and weaknesses as well as stakeholder roles and obligations. The Authority’s risk analysis was also done. The situational analysis culminated in identification of strategic issues that were key in developing the Authority’s Vision, Mission and Core values. 

  • Vision: A vibrant, secure and Sustainable Retirement Benefits System.
  • Mission: To regulate, supervise and promote the development of a stable
  • and effective Retirement Benefits Sector
  • Core values: Professionalism; Integrity; innovativeness; Transparency. ―PIIT

Within a broad framework, the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan focuses on three strategic core areas to be implemented over the plan period namely;

  • Improved Regulation and Supervision of the Sector
  • Improve Understanding and Promote Development of the Sector
  • Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Development

For each strategic core area, the Authority has formulated a number of strategic objectives, strategies and key performance indicators to guide its operations over the planning period. The activities that define implementation and objectively verifiable indicators are presented in the implementation matrixes as the matching components to the expected outputs. The Authority also identified critical success factors necessary for the implementation of the strategic plan. 

 The implementation of the three strategic core areas is complemented by support functions namely; monitoring and evaluation and financing and sustainability. While the monitoring and evaluation is designed to facilitate URBRA to track progress against defined indicators, a robust resource mobilization strategy will bring in resources to fund activities as outlined in this Strategic Plan. 

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