Director Finance & Admin


  1. Overall Purpose

Responsible to the Chief Executive Officer for providing technical and professional leadership in the planning, development and evaluation of URBRA’s financial policies and systems, including strategic financial plan and budget aimed at ensuring prudent management and control of financial resources. In addition responsible for interpreting URBRA’s prevailing financial position and advising the Chief Executive and Board of Directors on the measures to be taken to improve the organisation’s financial performance. Other duties include, analysing and interpreting policy issues and reports on financial and taxation issues affecting the pension industry.

  1. Core Duties & Responsibilities
  1. Developing and installing effective financial management systems and procedures aimed at improving financial reporting and accounting through effective collection of statutory levy contributions to ensure that revenues are properly receipted and accounted for.
  2. Provide professional leadership and technical guidance in identifying and evaluating organisational risk factors in all URBRA programmes and activities in order to devise appropriate strategies and methods aimed at reducing loss and minimising duplication and inefficiency.
  3. Plan and coordinate the timely preparation of annual work plans and budget estimates as well as outlining key activities to be undertaken to achieve desired targets.
  4. Coordinate the collection of statutory levy contributions, ensure proper acknowledgement of receipts, reconcile levy records, review outstanding levy payments, issue demand letters and institute penalties in accordance with prescribed regulations, in addition monitor and following up payments in order to maximise on levy collections.
  5. Coordinate banking services, reconciliation and custody of funds, securities and financial instruments as well as preparing reports which summarise and forecast financial position in areas of levy collections, expenditure and investments.
  6. Review procurement process to ensure that the Authority gets value for money through competitive bidding process and only disbursing payment after verifying the actual delivery of high quality goods and services.
  7. Establish stringent expenditure control procedures to ensure proper authorization for payments is strictly followed, any expenditure incurred are supported by payment vouchers and other valid accounting documents as well as ensuring that budgetary allocations are not exceeded without justifiable cause.
  8. Analyse financial information detailing assets, liabilities and capital and prepare financial statements and other reports to summarise current and implement planned activities.
  9. Develop and implement computerised financial information systems to cover general ledger, job costing as well as a fixed assets management register for documenting acquisitions, maintenance, valuation, depreciation, capitalisation, replacement and disposal of assets.
  10. Monitor and track the utilization of capital expenditure against approved plans and ensure that any variances are justified in accordance with approved policies and procedures.
  11. Coordinate and monitor the organisation’s investment of surplus funds, also devise and implement effective strategies for managing working capital and expenditure programmes.
  12. Interpret financial reports, statements, accounting records and advise the Chief Executive on the significance of the same and presenting, identifying and evaluating options for action.
  13. Coordinate the preparation of tax returns to ensure compliance with periodic tax payments, information reporting and other statutory requirements as well as providing advice to the Chief Executive and the Board of Directors the effective strategies for minimizing tax liability.
  14. Review analysis of activities, costs, operations and status of on-going programmes in order to determine progress towards stated goals and objectives and taking the necessary steps to ensure that any deviations are immediately acted upon.
  15. Identify areas that need improvement, develop and implement continued improvement of accounting systems and procedures that will enhance the quality, timeliness and availability of financial information.
  16. Provide technical advice to management and staff on policy matters related to financial compliance of statutory and legal requirements as well as overseeing the interpretation and implementation of government policies related to the management of funds.
  17. Deliver presentations regarding proposed budgets to the Board Finance Committee, Treasury Officials and Donor Agencies to clarify financial estimates and gain support for projected budget needs.
  18. Define the HR strategy and policies of the Authority in line with the overall organizational strategy
  19. Develop URBRA’s human resources and administration, enhancing professional development, compensation and benefits, performance evaluation, training and recruiting.
  20. Ensure that recruiting processes are consistent and streamlined
  21. Establish and manage a comprehensive training program
  22. Oversee administrative functions as well as facilities to ensure efficient and consistent operations