Director Research & Sector Development

  1. Overall Purpose

Responsible to the Chief Executive Officer for planning , designing, conducting and coordinating research studies and surveys aimed at assessing, evaluating, establishing and developing new policies, systems and strategies that will spur the development and growth of the pensions industry.  Specific duties include conducting and coordinating research in partnership with multi-disciplinary research teams as well as national, regional and international collaborators to develop effective policies, systems and processes aimed at tracking performance and invigorating the pension industry.  Other duties include publishing, packaging and disseminating research finding to promote the development and growth of the pension industry.

  1. Core Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Plan, design and conduct collaborative research and surveys on pension industry performance, characteristics and trends, business practices and risks to address the challenges of an emerging pension industry.
  2. Develop and implement monitoring systems for tracking fundamental economic, financial and corporate developments in the pension industry, including local, international policies and trends in order to inform policy formulation.
  3. Continuously assess and prioritise needs, opportunities and demands for research interventions and the need to design and implement responsive pension sector research and development programmes.
  4. Liaise with research associates from relevant research institutions and agencies, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders to design and implement responsive pension industry research and development programmes.
  5. Develop and implement research programmes with a commitment to promote learning and to report research findings and lessons that contribute to the development of the pension industry without compromising funding agencies, beneficiaries or programme goals.
  6. Strengthen institutional relationships and promote dialogue with service providers and other stakeholders through participation in joint research activities, evaluations and sharing of results.
  7. Devise strategies for ensuring research activities link program evaluation with ongoing pension industry problems by applying knowledge management strategies and proven research findings.
  8. Develop and implement effective methodologies and strategies for ensuring the integrity of research data, information and reports including the creation of databases aimed at expanding the knowledge-base of the pension industry.
  9. Develop and implement strategies for monitoring compliance with research requirements and recommend efficiency and effectiveness measures to establish

appropriate policies, procedures, methodologies and quality standards introducing new policies into the pension industry.

  1. Develop and implement effective policies and procedures for capturing documenting, storing and sharing knowledge management products and services, through the creation of databases, expert directories, codification of operating manuals and strategies for providing consultancy services.
  2.  Implement effective policies and strategies for maintaining a well-stocked and continually updated library and information services aimed at supporting the execution of research and programme activities.
  3. Publish research outputs in appropriate peer-reviewed journals of national, regional and international repute and disseminate the results of research and scholarship through other appropriate outlets to promote exchange and learning of performance and trends in the pensions industry.
  4. Provide technical leadership to multi-disciplinary teams to develop, implement and evaluate research programmes and budgets aimed at improving performance standards and organisational effectiveness.
  5. Participate in organisational performance reviews, business process improvement programmes as well as undertake special investigations aimed at improving organisational effectiveness.
  6. Participate in the implementation of advocacy and public relations strategy aimed at generating goodwill and advancing the mission of URBRA.