Manger Communication & Public Affairs


Overall Purpose

Responsible to the Director Communication and Public Affairs for developing and implementing communication strategies aimed at promoting and enhancing URBRA’s image in order to create good will and build international credibility.  Also responsible for coordinating media events, conferences and exhibitions as well as spearheading special campaigns aimed at creating public awareness of the role played by URBRA in the socio-economic development of the country.  Other duties include lobby and advocacy on issues of public interest, as well as fundraising and resource mobilisation to support the expansion of programme scope and outreach activities aimed at the achievement of strategic objectives.


Core Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Study the objectives, promotional policies and needs of URBRA to develop public relations and communication strategies that will influence public opinion and support the promotion of retirement benefits schemes in the fight against poverty and unemployment.
  2. Plan and implement communications strategy aimed at advancing the mission and objectives of URBRA through focused public relations program, positioning URBRA as a leader in setting ethical and professional standards that enhance the integrity of the pensions industry.
  3. Plan, develop and implement lobby and advocacy programmes in all types of media to influence legislative and regulatory affairs as well as public decision makers on issues of public interest aimed at reforming and improving retirement benefit schemes.
  4. Maintain regular contact with media representatives and stakeholders to promote good public relations for URBRA.  In addition, promptly respond to requests for information from the media, other stakeholders and the general public.
  5. Gather information, write articles and edit newsletters, reports journals and other publicity materials, including posters, fact-sheets, speeches, brochures, internet web pages and other publications for internal and external audiences, including employees, stakeholders and the general public.
  6. Coordinate the development, production and delivery of promotional campaigns and special; publications, including season brochures, flyers, posters, electronic promotions, calendars, and other publicity support materials in all types of media to promote increased membership into pension schemes.
  7. Organise conferences, workshops, special events and presentations for informational purposes.  In addition, arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibitions for URBRA to inform the general public about the benefits of pension schemes.
  8. Participate in baseline surveys and in-depth research on specific issues and trends impacting public interests and concerns in order to develop comprehensive communication strategies based on analysis and interpretation of accurate data and information.
  9. Develop and implement effective resource mobilisation strategies, including collecting intelligence on new donor funding opportunities from development partners and private foundations in order to determine feasibility of developing proposals that supplement local budget allocations.
  10. Develop and implement effective resource mobilisation strategies, including developing funding proposals to access grants from development partners and private foundations in order to expand programme scope and support special outreach activities aimed at promoting increased membership into pension schemes.
  11. Develop strategies for strengthening collaborative partnerships and networks with stakeholders, government agencies publicly listed companies and other players to ensure implementation of programmes of programmes that enhance the performance of capital markets.