Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Authority has a Nationwide mandate and it operates in different communities. The Authority has found it prudent to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility policy to guide its corporate social initiatives.

The Authority has been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility activities since 2015 and continues to work towards community development and welfare. Being the national regulator of the Retirement Benefits Sector, a critical component of the social security, the Authority believes that this community involvement brings both opportunity and responsibility. As such, the Authority plans to apply its skills and resources where it can make the greatest impact on the society.

Policy Objective

The following are the underlying objectives to the Authority’s CSR Policy document:

  1. To ensure that all the CSR activities and programs are conducted efficiently and effectively;
  2. To highlight the Authority’s CSR focus areas and the motivation underpinning the choices

To read more, please download a copy of the CSR policy using the link below;

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