Manager ICT



Overall Purpose

Responsible to the Director Communication & Public Affairs  for developing, coordinating and implementing strategic plans and design specifications aimed at the computerization and networking of all functions, activities and processes in order to enhance organizational effectiveness. Specific duties include developing or modifying software programmes to support organizational needs, designing and installing interactive websites that include database connectivity, multimedia and searchable content, troubleshoot basic problems, including care and maintenance of information technology systems, coordinating the repair and maintenance of hardware systems as well as monitoring computer security measures. Other duties include providing technical support services to computer users as well as training computer users to acquire skills needed to implement computer-based information systems.

Core Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provide professional leadership and technical guidance to drive the implementation of information and communication technology policies and plans in all functions, activities and business processes
  2. Analyze user requirements, procedures and problems in order to prepare plans and specifications to computerize and network research operations as well as improving the capability of existing computer systems
  3. Evaluate user requests for new, modified or updated software application programmes to determine feasibility an compatibility with the current system
  4.  Review, test and evaluate both hardware systems and software programmes to determine their efficiency, reliability and compatibility and recommending data communication systems
  5. Coordinate the implementation of computer security measures and guidelines to safeguard information and databases against accidental or unauthorized access, modification, destruction and virus attacks
  6. Coordinate the security for new software, considering issues such as employee data access needs and risk of data loss or disclosure
  7. Test and evaluate the integrity of existing and new computer security measures as well as reviewing violations of computer security procedures
  1. Investigate and resolve computer hardware and software problems reported by users to determine whether the problem is caused by hardware such as modem, printer, cables, telephone line or software issues such as virus attacks
  2. Coordinate and strictly enforce the implementation of anti-virus and file backup procedures to protect against loss of valuable data and information caused by hardware problems, virus attacks or destruction of computer files
  3. Monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot the computer backbone which includes network switching systems and servers, organizational data and information, telephone communication systems and intelligent terminal equipment
  4. Prepare funding proposals and budgets for technology improvements.
  5. Analyze and implement appropriate solutions to operational problems. In addition, identify existing and emerging technologies and evaluate its utilization and applicability.