URBRA Donates Shs 23m to Needy

The Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA) recently donated items to Mapeera Kateyamba Home of the Elderly in Nalukolongo as part of their programme of helping the needy.

The items donated included a commercial washing machine, an Olympus microscope, 50 blankets, 400kg of sugar, 400kgs of rice, 500kg of maize flour and 500kg of beans.

Officiating at the function held at Nalukolongo, Andrew Kasirye, URBRA’s board chairperson, said the donations are part of the organization’s corporate social responsibility, and promised that the authority will continue to spend more in that segment.

Kasirye said the food commodities come in handy especially when the food prices and the cost of sustaining the home are going up.

“We are interested in the quality of people’s retirement. Also, as URBRA, we appreciate the services provided by Mapeera Bakateyamba’s Home of the Elderly and recognize the challenges the administration faces in caring for the home,” he said.

Sister Lawrence Nakiwu, the home’s administrator, explained that their goal is to ensure the continuity of the good work that was started by the late Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga.

The elderly home is in- tended to accommodate 100 people. However, at the moment, there are 60 people (Bakateyamba) since other rooms are being utilized as stores and accommodation for the caretakers.

“Some of the challenges mentioned that are being faced by the elderly home include food shortage, whereby sometimes the stores become empty; insecurity due to a broken fence wall behind the building and expensive medical care services,” she said.