Service Charter

Putting our customers first

We are committed to making it easy to do business with the Authority by providing high quality, responsive and accessible service to the public. We want to make sure that we put our Clients first in everything we do.

We can only achieve this through our staff and by:

  • Understanding what our Clients expect of us
  • Letting our Clients know what we can do for them
  • Striving for continuous improvement
  • Being consistent in the way we deliver the service(s)
  • Regularly reviewing and monitoring our performance and seeking Client service feedback
  • Accepting collective responsibility for the quality of service we provide.

About the charter

This charter describes the Authority’s commitment to Client service and our promise to the Client. It also sets out what we need to do to provide our Clients with high quality, services, and what you can do to help us provide the best programs and services. The targets described in this charter will be reviewed on a regular basis to achieve the best possible result for you.

Our service Guarantee

We are committed to providing our clients with high quality services through:

  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness in service delivery
  • Responsiveness
  • Respect for their rights

With our competent and professional team, we commit to develop and maintain an open and accountable culture that is fair and reasonable. In delivering our services, we promise to honor the Authority’s service promises to our clients.


When you communicate with us, we will:

  • Be courteous
  • Willingly assist you and be responsive to your needs
  • Treat you professionally
  • Be sensitive to diversity
  • Be accountable and adhere to sound business practices

Service delivery

When we perform services for you, we will:

  • Explain our services and deliverables to you
  • Aim to exceed your expectations
  • Demonstrate technical and professional competence in providing the services
  • Respect and maintain Client confidentiality

Service Evaluation

We pledge to evaluate our service delivery through:

  • Utilizing client review tools including our suggestion box, exit interviews, client feedback forms, random surveys, external validation, correspondence tracking system and annual client satisfaction surveys.
  • Review the feedback you provide to us and consider measures to further improve our service delivery.

Complaints Handling

  • Complaints relating to your scheme or service providers If you have a complaint or dispute with regard to the running of retirement benefits schemes, you can file an official complaint. Please see our complaint guide for the procedure for filing complaints.
  • Complaints relating to our services Our complaints procedure is easy to use. You can make a complaint in writing to the Chief Executive Officer by post, telephone, email or walk-in. If you complain about our services, your complaint will be investigated. If it is upheld, you will get a full apology and, where appropriate, be given details of any action that the Authority is taking to put things right. If you are not satisfied

Our Service Standard

We aim to process all cases within these service standards. Individual cases may be decided in longer or shorter periods than the service standard depending on a range of factors, individual circumstances and the complexity of each case.

Telephone Service Standards

  1. We will respond to your calls within three (3) rings 
  2. When answering the telephone, we will provide you with our name and work area
  3. When we call you, we will provide you with our name and work area and tell you the reason why we are calling.
  4. We shall have telephone service during business hours.
  5. Our recorded messages will be current and give appropriate contact details during absences.

In person Service Standards

  1. We will attend to you within five (5) minutes of your arrival, if you have an appointment.
  2. We will attend to you within ten (10) minutes if you do not have an appointment.
  3. We will advise you within reasonable time about any unexpected delays in attending to you.
  4. We will visibly display our name badges and identify ourselves.
  5. We will be neatly dressed and well presented.
  6. Our offices have clear signage, current and relevant information on display.

Written communication Service Standard

  1. We shall acknowledge all correspondences on receipt.
  2. We will reply all correspondences timely, using the most appropriate contact method within 5 (five) working days of receipt of the correspondence.

 Applications for licensing and decisions Service standards

  1. We will provide you with the details of any outstanding requirements, next steps and likely processing times in 5 working days after receipt.
  2.  We will provide you with clear and timely reasons for our decisions and advise you of any review rights.
  3. If you are applying for a renewal of license, a new license will be issued within 5 working days
  4. If you are a new applicant, your license will be issued within 1 month.

 Complaints Handling Service Standard

  1. Acknowledge your complaint within two working days
  2. Complaints will be given a substantive reply within 10 working days. Any delay will be explained and you will be kept informed of progress.
  3. All customer complaints will be kept confidential (unless the law requires otherwise).

Our information Service Standard

  1. We will regularly review and update information to ensure it is current and meets your needs and expectations.

Our targets and performance


We have targets that deal with issues of the retirement benefits sector. You can find out if we are meeting our targets each year from our annual reports, work plans or by contacting us. We will display information about our performance on our website.

Decision making

If you think a decision on your application is wrong:

  • You can ask to look at the decision again; or
  • You may be able to appeal to the independent tribunal. The letter telling you about our decision will tell you if you can appeal. If you want to appeal you must do this within the stipulated time. You can get more information from our legal department.

How we will be accountable

We undertake to:

  •  Use all feedback, including complaints, to evaluate and improve the programs and services we offer.
  • Publish information showing levels of satisfaction with our programs and service, including complaints received and the resolution of those complaints.
  •  Endeavor to provide explanations in the unlikely event that our services do not meet acceptable standards of quality, timeliness or accuracy.
  • Formally review the standards set out in this charter once a year and make modifications where appropriate in light of your comments and in response to ongoing changes.
  •  Independently review our Charter at least every three years by inviting comments from clients, stakeholders and staff as part of the monitoring and review process.

Client responsibility

You can help us provide the best service for you by:

  • providing us with correctly processes documents
  •  telling us about what you need or ways we can work together better
  • always acting respectfully and safely towards other people using the service and towards staff
  • giving us the right information about yourself and your situation
  • telling us if things change or if you cannot keep an appointment or commitment
  • Telling us what you think about our services and getting involved. Your comments, ideas and opinions will help us improve our programs and services.

Review of the service charter

The Charter will undergo an internal review every twelve months. In each review we will consider all Client comments and where relevant, the findings of the most recent Client surveys. The Authority will also commission an independent audit of compliance with the charter every three years. Our performance against the service standards contained in the charter will be monitored by the Authority’s Board of Directors. Our performance will also be reported in our annual report.

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